The Sketchbook Project Brooklyn

The Sketchbook Project Brooklyn

The Sketchbook Project in Brooklyn is a fantastic art project which 40574 artists from 135 many different countries worked on. Every artist was sent a Sketchbook to fill with illustrations with subjects from a certain theme. They all worked with much enthousiasme in their own studio, in every corner of the world, and filled their sketchbooks with wonderful drawings and paintings. Every Sketchbook was sent to a central point, The Brooklyn Art Library. You can take a look yourself in the Brooklyn Art Library, but if you don’t live locally, you can take a look online.

View my Sketchbook in the Brooklyn Art Library here

I was very keen to join this project and enjoyed every minuit of filling up my Sketchbook in my studio. The theme I used is ‘Under water’. When I red the discription of the theme, my head , was instantly filled with under water monsters wierd and wonderful watery creatures. In my book I have illustrated about thirty pictures you can take a look at in the Brooklyn Art Library.

Many other artists have contributed to this creative project with other themes. Perhaps you would like to join too. The sketchbook project often organises these kind of art projects. You get plenty of time to prepare your art work. It’s a great way to see other artists from all over the world at work on the same project. We inspire each other. You can sign up easily on their website, and the Sketchbook will get sent to you. You can choose to also have your sketchbook digitalized. Great fun, because everyone can enjoy your work.

Will you join in next time? Let us know when your Sketchbook is ready, then I will check it out in the Brooklyn Art Library.


All my illustrations are copyright protected and registered with CC-Proof in Amsterdam.

Jean Elliot