Rembrandt Project 2019

Rembrandt Project 2019

Throughout his lifetime and due to his diminishing eyesight, his painting style constantly changed from a fine painter to a more expressive painter. This makes the interpretation of his work more difficult. With these limitations I tried to portray Rembrandt’s specific talent for painting light fall.

Take a look at the full Rembrandt self portrait collection in the Gallery.

The Night watch

Rembrandt is a great inspiration to me. I find his way of painting breathtaking. The Night Watch that I painted is on exhibition in my studio. In total it took me a year to paint it. I call it my Haagsche Nachtwacht and it also has the pieces that were cut off the original painting. As it is the Rembrandt year, my Haagse Nachtwacht it is on display in my studio window. Come and see it if you like.

Jean Elliot