R – Self portrait 1652

This painting is a reproduction of a self-portrait by Rembrandt from 1652, painted by Jean Elliot.

On this image he is 46 years old and the man in the painting has a friendly appearance. Jean: “The way in which Rembrandt plays with the light on the face is clearly visible here. It is the first canvas that I have painted from the series and I have chosen it because of its sympathetic appearance. ”

Rembrandt’s intriguing painting technique has stimulated countless art lovers both during his life and to this day. For artist Jean Elliot it was a huge challenge to imitate the different styles and techniques of Rembrandt. Because of his vision deteriorating with the years, his method changed over the years. From putting very fine brush strokes he went increasingly to coarse painting techniques, which makes it difficult to interpret his work in the right way. With her careful and realistic way of painting, Jean Elliot has succeeded in approaching Rembrandt’s specific talents, such as the representation of light and light.
This painting is also available as Giclée.

This image is part of a series of self-portraits by Rembrandt by Jean Elliot. Also view the rest of the series.

Oil painting € 4000.00
including handmade Italian list
size including frame 116 cm x 87 cm

Giclée € 300.00
dimension A3

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