Portrait for Barack Obama

Portrait for Barack Obama


I painted this portrait of President Obama on the occasion of the Nuclear Security Summit in 2014. The Hague is in the spotlight for the whole world to see, so many world leaders in my backyard, that is a special and unique event. By portraying the initiator of the Summit, Barack Obama, I wanted to bring attention to this special event and unique person.

The Director of Huis ter Duin, Stephan Stokkermans, responded enthusiastically to our request to present the portrait during the stay of President Obama in the hotel. Jean: “I hope that Barack Obama takes a moment to make a selfie with the portrait, that would be fantastic!” YES HE CAN.

After his official visit, the portrait was purchased by Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin and now hangs in a prominent place on the Presidential Floor. Read more about this here.

Jean Elliot

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