Long live Rembrandt!

Long live Rembrandt!

Lang leve Rembrandt is the Dutch title to the exhibition that will hang in the Rijksmuseum in the summer of 2019. From amateur to professional artist and from young to old, everyone can submit a self-made work of art. The Rijksmuseum hopes to be able to show hundreds of pieces of artworks in the exhibition Lang Leve Rembrandt from 15 July to 15 September 2019.

Foto credits: Rijksmuseum – 2014 – John Lewis Marshall

It would be fantastic to be able to exhibit one of my pieces of art in the famous Rijksmuseum. A unique opportunity that I definitely want to join. Very exciting to get through all the selection rounds. I have painted a number of self-portraits by Rembrandt on a larger size than the original dimensions. I have worked on this for a long time. Rembrandt is one of my heroes. In Rembrandt I particularly admire his unique way of playing with light and dark, truly masterful.

Besides the self-portraits, I also painted the Night Watch on one sixth of the actual size, so still 132 cm x 178 cm. I am very proud of my Haagsche Nachtwacht and it is on display in my studio in The Hague.

I have chosen one painting to be submitted for the exhibition at the Rijksmuseum. Who knows, maybe this will be there this coming summer. Which one I have chosen I will keep a secret for now, …. To be continued.

Jean Elliot