Faces from the Twenties and their cars

Faces from the Twenties and their cars

Three portraits of the women from the exhibition ‘Faces from the Twenties’ have found a new home with a beautiful collection of old timers. Alice Schwarz, Annie Bos and Anna Elisabeth de Vlugt look out over Packards from the nineteen thirties. Dressed in beautiful and colourful clothing and with a beautiful frame they are a real eye cather on the wall.

We visited the three ladies in their new home of their new owners, Bert Roubos and Louise Jansen and handed over the book¬† from the ‘Faces from the Twenties’. This book gives an impression of the previous exhibitions held in the World Fashion Center in Amsterdam during the ADAF and in Rotterdam during the National Art Days in Ahoy.


The book contains eleven spectacular paintings that show the make-over from small black-and-white photographs to large, powerful and colourful portraits. The original images come from the National Archives of Amsterdam and are recorded on celluloid by the photographer Merkelbach. He had a well lit studio in Amsterdam where he made extraordinary photographs of models, famous Dutch people, actors and actresses and even of the royal family. With these paintings, Jean Elliot takes us back in time. The portraits tell us their personal stories and effortlessly bridge the age of a hundred years and also show us the transience of life.

We wish the ladies good luck in their new home, they are beautiful.








Watch the film ‘Faces from the Twenties’ here. Jean Elliot paints one of the eleven women from the exhibition of the same name in her studio in The Hague, Anna Elisabeth de Vlugt.
From drawing on the canvas to brush strokes and applying gold leaf, this short film gives a nice impression of her way of working.

Jean Elliot