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Rembrandt Project 2019

Throughout his lifetime and due to his diminishing eyesight, his painting style constantly changed from a fine painter to a more expressive painter. This makes the interpretation of his work more difficult. With these limitations I tried to portray Rembrandt’s specific talent for painting light fall. Take a look at the full Rembrandt self portrait

The Haagsche Nachtwacht

When you thing of the Nightwatch, you think of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. But did you know that The Hague also has a Nightwatch! It’s a little smaller than the original, but just as impressive. This Nightwatch is hanging in my studio, Studio Jean on the Thomsonlaan 65. I painted this copy a few years

Long live Rembrandt!

Lang leve Rembrandt is the Dutch title to the exhibition that will hang in the Rijksmuseum in the summer of 2019. From amateur to professional artist and from young to old, everyone can submit a self-made work of art. The Rijksmuseum hopes to be able to show hundreds of pieces of artworks in the exhibition

Faces from the Twenties and their cars

Three portraits of the women from the exhibition ‘Faces from the Twenties’ have found a new home with a beautiful collection of old timers. Alice Schwarz, Annie Bos and Anna Elisabeth de Vlugt look out over Packards from the nineteen thirties. Dressed in beautiful and colourful clothing and with a beautiful frame they are a

The Sketchbook Project Brooklyn

The Sketchbook Project in Brooklyn is a fantastic art project which 40574 artists from 135 many different countries worked on. Every artist was sent a Sketchbook to fill with illustrations with subjects from a certain theme. They all worked with much enthousiasme in their own studio, in every corner of the world, and filled their

The eye patch

In February I developed a problem with my right eye which made me see everything double. I ended up in hospital for four days and was given heavy medication which I have to take for at least a year. Now after three months my eye sight has improved dramatically and I don’t  see double anymore.

Portrait of a dog called Trix

A satisfied customer with his Dog portrait of his dear pet Trix. A sweet dog who was very scared at first. After some positive attention and some treats, she was soon at ease and behaved herself during the photo session. I made a lot of photographs of her and this pose is my favorite. Her

Nationale Kunstdagen in Rotterdam Ahoy – english

During the Nationale Kunstdagen 2016 in Rotterdam Ahoy we had stand number one showing our exhibition ‘Faces from the Twenties’. It was a well-attended exhibition with over 4500 visitors. We made a lot of contacts and have been invited to attend some interesting projects in 2017 and 2018. Jan des Bouvrie also visited our stand

Artists Year Book 2017

The Artists Year Book 2017 is a collection of art from established artists. They present their work and briefly tell a story about their art. I am proud that my work is in this book featuring a painting of  ‘Alice Schwarz’ from the series ‘Faces from the Twenties’. The painting is more than life size,

Master Class painting white

Once a year I give my pupils a Master Class, for example, I have given a Master Class about painting with three primary colours, an Intensive drawing course, figure drawing courses, mastering colour and contrast and many more. This years Master Class was about painting white objects. Painting white objects looks difficult, but with the right