Artists Year Book 2017

Artists Year Book 2017

The Artists Year Book 2017 is a collection of art from established artists. They present their work and briefly tell a story about their art. I am proud that my work is in this book featuring a painting of  ‘Alice Schwarz’ from the series ‘Faces from the Twenties’. The painting is more than life size, 190 cm x 120 cm painted in oil and finished with silver leaf.


The Artists Year Book is one of the ways with which Stichting Kunstweek fulfills its objectives, increasing the interest in visual arts in general and the prominence of Dutch visual artists and their work in particular. The Artists Year Book is published annually during the National Art Week in November and is read by many art lovers throughout the Netherlands.

In addition to this book, Stichting Kunstweek is also responsible for organizing various art fairs, including the Annual Dutch Art Fair in Amsterdam and the Nationale Kunstdagen in Rotterdam.


Jean Elliot