Exhibition Faces from the Twenties

Exhibition Faces from the Twenties

In this short film, Jean shows how she paints the more than life-size painting of Anna Elizabeth de Vlugt in her studio in The Hague. She talks about the project and her fascination for the old photographs of the photographer Merkelbach.

‘Faces from the Twenties’ is not only an exhibition but also an experience. Portraits of women from the twenties come to life and have an authentic mix of classical painting and modern technology. They also tell their own personal stories. Click on the images to find out more about them …

“These charming women are captured at the moment supreme of their lives.”

The exhibition is based on eleven portraits from the collection of the famous Amsterdam photographer Jacob Merkelbach. A mischievous looking daughter of a mayor, a well-known Dutch film star, a wife of a resistance hero and a charming woman who later became the mother of Harry Mulisch, to name but a few. Each and every one of them are women at the moment suprême of their lives. Almost a century later, dressed in furs, jewels and silk, they have inspired Jean Elliot to immortalise them in bright colours.

“Jean surprises the viewer with this spectacular series of portraits, Faces from the Twenties. Young women, depicted in bright and sparkling colours. In silence and with passion Jean reaches a unique level of skill that should be seen.”Fred Klomp

“Beautiful and unique work” – Jan des Bouvrie


Jean-Elliot-Merkelbach-collectionEleven Portraits

This stunning exhibition includes eleven spectacular life-sized paintings that show the make-over of small black-and-white photographs to large, powerful and colourful portraits. With these paintings, Jean Elliot takes us back in time. The portraits effortlessly bridge an age of a hundred years and show us the transience but also the infinity of life.

Exhibitions 2016
Annual Dutch Art Fair (ADAF)
Amsterdam – World Fashion Center

Nationale Kunstdagen
Rotterdam – Ahoy

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